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Tiny Tea Paradise

Tiny Tea Paradise — is a game with nice graphics, interesting story and cozy atmosphere.

You get to manage a beautiful farm at the foot of an ancient mountain, which is shrouded in mysterious legends about spirits and great treasures. What this farm will become and whether it will be the best one depends only on you!

Here’s what you can do on your own farm:

  • Grow crops and make from them treats to sell;
  • Meet the residents of the mountain and help them on their fun journey;
  • Decorate your site with various decorations and buildings in your style;
  • Explore mysterious locations;
  • Play fun mini-games: adventures through the ancient dungeon, ride with the wind in the bowels of the volcano and more;
  • Brew exotic teas;
  • Gather your friends in a crew and show in competitions that your team is the number one!
  • Meet players from all over the world to help each other and bargain for the best goods on the market.
  • And much more, because this is a brand new unknown world!

Make a dream farm!

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