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Our experience: Android and Intel, it’s not all as easy as it sounds.

At the stage of testing the android version of our application we decided to watch our build on the Asus tablet with the Intel processor.

We were very surprised, that there were a lot of problems with the memory’s work, especially image artifacts, low fps. There wasn’t a clear-cut solution. We try to solve the problem, but there should be a systems analysis. But Unity profiler showed us clear picture.

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Animator and his tasks

One of the most important game development participants.

His tasks are very complex, but at the same time are very interesting, so profession of animator is not boring.

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The pleasant tradition!

About the actual!

On 28 – 29 of June the world-famous White Nights Conference was held in Saint Petersburg. #wnconf

This is the anniversary 10-th conference, dedicated to an international cross-platform game development and marketing.

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The role of the game designer

The employees of the Morkwa studio are in the process of creating the TEA: the Tiny Paradise. They are constantly exchanging ideas and thoughts with each other in order to find the most creative solution.

Any project is held together with the help of several principles, and of course game designer is one of them.

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